Back To Back Association Chat Episodes

This Tuesday, October 11th, Association Chat will be coming to you with two back to back episodes. We will also be live tweeting, so you can get in on the discussion by tweeting @assnchat or simply using #assnchat!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Membership Recruitment & Engagement Strategies That Work


Has your revenue been lagging? Your approach to organizational growth may have hit a wall. Chances are you need a candid evaluation and new tactics or strategies if that’s the case.

The most successful organizations are thinking from the outside (members) – in (sustaining the association). For some this breaks the legacy model of revenue growth to keep the association alive. That’s just not enough. This is why Associations need to be run more like businesses.

Mega shifts are ahead, which will require some revolutionary ways in which you sell your association – and, forging ahead with a business mindset with revenue development at its core. Organizations will need to actively pursue and engage new prospects.

Make it your mission to constantly reinforce membership value to those currently on board. The next step will be to evaluate the pricing structure of your membership dues. Some categories might be too high – some too low. Others will require consolidation. You may also consider new membership groups or categories that can help sustain the association moving forward.

Our guest for this first episode, at 1pm EDT,  will be JP Moery (@jpmoery), President of the Moery Company. This company has been in the membership sales game for roughly 6 years and the processes they’ve used have evolved over time. The Moery Company is ready to fill you in on the ideas and processes that worked extremely well for them, so you can adopt them too!


How Data Powers Next Generation Membership


Learn how one association is doing big things to redesign how they provide member value by rethinking their entire membership model, re-examining their member needs and digital habits, and re-evaluating collaborative relationships with partner organizations.

Tune in Tuesday, at 2 pm ET (immediately after our first episode!), to discuss the great impact data analytics can have on your members today and in the future.

This episode will feature Joseph Colangelo, CEO and Co-Founder of Bear Analytics (@BearAnalytics), and Susan Cato, Digital Strategist. Bear Analytics is a start-up dedicated to bringing the promise of data analytics to trade associations, professional societies, and event producers.

About Joe Colangelo (@joecolangelo)

A technologist at heart, Joe is focused on driving insights by combining elegant visualizations and behavioral analytics.  This focus carries over to Bear Analytics, which is built on the mantra that data is your organizational DNA. In an increasingly connected and competitive world, where association decision makers in marketing, membership and the c-suite strive to deliver and create member value, Bear helps translate data into actionable intelligence resulting in validation of approach and clarity of direction

About Susan Cato (@susancato)

Susan is a visionary leader and innovator in the world of digital strategy, online communications, and community engagement creating award-winning websites, applications, online publications and online communities since 1995. She has helped several organizations successfully grow and engage customer communities, including the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LeadingAge, The Optical Society (OSA), Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), and the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB).

By joining this episode of Association Chat, you’ll learn how they embarked on a data-driven, innovative, holistic and wide-reaching strategy to create an open, inclusive, content-driven community based membership model that connects online and offline engagement in whole new ways.

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