Turning Your Org’s Continuing Education into a Competitive Advantage – The Highlight Reel

If you didn’t tune in for Association Chat #assnchat Tuesday, you missed one Gucci free episode! Though, we managed to fill the void by talking all things education with our two amazing guests Tracy King (@tracyinspired), Chief Learning Strategist at InspirEd, and Tom Morrison (@tommorrison), CEO of Metal Treating Institute (MTI) Management.

Let’s catch up!

The Topic:
Turning Your Org’s Continuing Education into a Competitive Advantage

Check out the highlights of the chat below or watch it here: https://huzza.io/kikilitalien/live-stream/turning-your-orgs-continuing-education-into-a-competitive-advantage

Our weekly host, KiKi L’Italien, began the chat inside by asking, “What are some of the trends executives joining our chat today need to dial into as a basis for crafting an effective education strategy?”

Tracy’s response? “We need to be thinking about the workforce trends. It’s not enough to say we’re going to provide a budget for employees, they want to see & measure your efficiency.”

This first question ignited a fire that only grew as the discussion continued.

Tom blew all of our minds when he dropped two statistics:

  1. Uber is bringing on almost 50,000 new drivers each month!”
  2. “The baby boomers are beginning to retire, and there are 13 million less of them in the work force.”

Leading our always inquisitive host to ask, “What do these education strategies look like?”

Tracy let us know that before an association starts thinking about an education strategy they must first figure out their business strategy.

“The number one thing you can do is onboarding,” Tom adds.

So how does an association onboard? Through certificate programs and Tom gave us the low-down regarding them:
“Certificate programs are not complicated, give it a sexy name and great content and people will jump all over it.”

While Tracy adds, “Make sure there are opportunities to reflect and practice with content.”

Practice does make perfect, doesn’t it?

Polly, an #assnchat viewer, asked through the live chat option: “Do you have examples of associations that have integrated education channels?”

Tracy was quick to answer Polly in the chat box: “IEEE is stepping into the integrated ed channel space.”

As Tracy engaged through messaging, Tom described what ‘epic’ meant to him, “Epic to me is offering someone a system to accomplish their goals by learning.”

That indeed sounds pretty epic!

Leading to KiKi dropping the biggest truth-bomb of the chat… It was going to be cut short by a few minutes!

Due to a dying battery unfortunately – we’ve all been there. Technology is tough sometimes.

The biggest takeaways from this chat:

  • “Really tap into those competitive rewards.” – Tom Morrison
  • Use technology to your advantage.
  • Tom jokes that you can bridge any gap by chatting with Tracy.
  • “In order to convey effective learning, we need to know how it’s going to be consumed.” – Tracy King

What was your favorite piece of advice from Tracy or Tom? We want to know! Tweet @assnchat using #assnchat to share your thoughts.

Check out the episode here: https://huzza.io/kikilitalien/live-stream/turning-your-orgs-continuing-education-into-a-competitive-advantage


Tom encouraged viewers to check out his site http://www.tommorrison.biz/tommorrisontv for case studies and more information.

Polly is chairing a new ASAE Workforce study! “No site or link yet, but will be widely shared in ASAE channels.”

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