Demystify Innovation at Your Association

Do you feel a lot of uncertainty around innovation at your association? You are not alone, most association professionals feel this way, as new studies report that association innovation is relatively new. Many of the most innovative associations have only been doing this for less than five years, and they have been exploring the path through trial and error!

Now there is a new Association Industry Innovation Research Study sponsored by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and conducted by Amanda Kaiser that can help us streamline our innovation plans. Making the innovation path far less risky and much more successful!

On November 1st Association Chat will be featuring Amanda Kaiser, who will debunk the common myths around innovation that get us stuck. We’ll discuss how the most successful associations are innovating and we will share the one non-negotiable key to success. We hope you’ll join us to find out the answers to questions such as: how innovation is different for associations than non-profit companies, what surprised Amanda the most from her research on this topic, what an association should have in place as they begin putting more emphasis on innovating, and common processes associations are using to obtain innovative ideas? Use the hashtag #assnchat on Twitter to send in your own questions during the episode.

About Amanda Kaiser

amanda-speakingAmanda Kaiser is an insatiably curious question asker and qualitative member researcher for the association industry. She helps association executives build their visions and strategies, innovation plans and marketing plans based on their member’s needs, wants and worries. Qualitative research methods like: the upfront qualitative research for industry benchmarking reports, web user interface analysis, secret shopper-style research, and member phone interviews tell insightful stories. The kinds of stories you need to pull your members closer! Amanda also writes a three-times weekly blog for association professionals at

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