Associations Aren’t Doomed Yet (And Here’s Why) – The Highlight Reel

If you didn’t tune in for Association Chat #assnchat Tuesday, you missed a good one! We talked all things futuristic with expert Shelly Alcorn (@shellyalcorn).

The Topic: Associations Aren’t Doomed Yet (And Here’s Why)


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Our weekly host, KiKi L’Italien, was decked to the nines in her voting garb as she began the chat with a blunt and truthful statement, “Associations aren’t dead.”

Ultimately, many online resources are say that brands need to become more like Uber.

“Yeah, no,” says Shelly Alcorn. “It’s not about what they are doing, but where they are going.”

Literally and figuratively. Uber burst onto the scene as a very innovative and disruptive company.

“No one wants to drive downtown. No one wants to park downtown,” said Shelly as she explained why Uber has become so successful.

Leading her to break the news that there may be an actual self-piloting flying car as early as 2020!

What does this mean for associations?

“Associations have to step up their game, so they don’t become doomed,” Shelly explained.

Unfortunately, Shelly was in the middle of a very intriguing statement when her video cut out and froze.

So, KiKi kept us entertained with where she thought Shelly was going and how technology was obviously against us.

Shelly came back and urged #assnchat viewers to check out, “D-Wave Quantum Computing on YouTube,” for some really mind-blowing innovation.

“We keep saying things are impossible, but they are not impossible,” Shelly said matter-of-factly.

KiKi decided to ask, “How can associations think more systematically?”

Her response? “Your strategic plan should be a living breathing document that you make adjustments to all throughout the year.”

Leading KiKi to make an extremely valid point, “We need to feel better about learning how to ask questions, and to embrace the ownership we need to take on.”

How does one do this? “Make a plan for yourself.” It can be simple! “I’m going to read 4 books this year, then do it,” Shelly said.

The biggest takeaways from this chat?

  • “Associations need to start meditating and thinking. Stop internalizing.” – Shelly Alcorn
  • We need to build our personal resilience.

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