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When I shared my statement to the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) in response to their article, “Manufacturers and Associations Unite to Offer Support to Trump,” I had no idea what kind of reaction I would get.

Most of it was positive feedback from others who feel the same way I do, and of course, some of it was not. In my statement, I told ASAE that I wanted hear from them on the commitment they have for diversity and inclusion.

Ask and you shall receive – isn’t that the saying?

ASAE President and CEO John Graham and ASAE Board Chair Scott Wiley (@ScottDWiley) have agreed to come onto #assnchat and set things straight.

For this Association Chat, we’ll find out how the leaders of the ASAE are anticipating and handling these challenges in the tense atmosphere following a contentious US presidential election. What do they view as their biggest challenge considering the current atmosphere? How are they choosing to communicate with members? What are the top concerns they are hearing from members and partners? What do they see changing or not changing as they make plans for ASAE’s future? With increasing concerns for issues like diversity and inclusion in the headlines and at the forefront of members’ minds, how is it impacting ASAE’s plans for future initiatives in these areas?

This is a special Q&A you won’t want to miss.

“As association leaders, we have a unique challenge and opportunity ahead of us. Associations have always made a difference, and our role has never been more important.” – John Graham

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to sit down and chat about this perception and whether or not we are going to correct it. From the inside out. Together.

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