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If you didn’t tune in for Association Chat (#assnchat) before the break, you missed one fun episode! We talked all things leadership and apps with your nerdy BFF, Beth Zienesis (@NerdyBFF).

Beth is a technology expert who speaks to 60-plus groups a year all over the country about the best free and bargain apps and online resources that will help you Release YOUR Inner Nerd to become more organized, efficient and awesome at work and home. Her books, including the latest title, Nerd Know-How, are available on

The Topic: The Apps of a Leader

Check out the highlights of the chat below or listen in to the replay here:

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Our weekly host, KiKi L’Italien, stoked the virtual fire with a killer question, “What is the best way to organize your photos?”

Beth’s favorite way to organize her photos is through Google Photos. “Google Photos automatically organizes your photos and makes it easy to search through them by whatever topic you want to look for.”

She even went as far as to tell us that the facial recognition software that Google Photos uses is advanced enough to recognize faces from infants on up, as they age.

Leading all of us to feel a little fascinated and uncomfortable about these technological advances.

To ease our fears of technology, our nerdy BFF let us know that, “Technology makes it so much easier to be kind.”

Beth supplied a variety of cool ways to honor employees, volunteers, or really anyone special in your life by sharing theses sites:

  1. Spoil

Spoil is a simple and elegant way to deliver beautiful gifts anywhere in the United States. From candles to cupcakes, you really can spoil anyone you wish. Find out more here:

  1. Felt

Felt is an adorable way to send pictures and handwritten notes to anyone in the U.S. or abroad. For a max of $6 in the U.S. this gift-giving option truly is a great choice! Find out more about Felt here:

  1. Mixbook

Mixbook is a stunning way to create a mosaic photo book right from your phone. From conferences to work parties, this small gift can mean an awful lot! Check out the Mixbook here:

  1. Postagram

Postagram is a super simple way to send your pictures as postcards. Mail one to anyone for as little as $.99! Find out more about Postagram here:

We transitioned from gift-giving to the biggest question of the chat,”What is the safest way to keep track of my online passwords and usernames?”

“I use a tool called LastPass to save all of my usernames and passwords,” Beth admitted.

LastPass is an online tool that remembers your usernames and passwords for every site, so you don’t have to. Find out more about LastPass here:

“I can’t live without LastPass. If Molly (Beth’s awesome assistant) needs access to something, she doesn’t have to wait on me to give her the information. She can login to LastPass and have access. It makes things easier.”

Making things easier for leaders and workers alike can save a lot of time and money. Speaking of saving time, Beth shared a couple applications that help her track her time effectively.

“My first thought is RescueTime,” said Beth. “But I also use Limitless.”

RescueTime helps you figure out where you’re spending all of your time at while using your computer. The best part? It lets you know when you’re being productive and when you’re distracted. Find out more about RescueTime here:

Limitless is a tool that helps you stay motivated and productive while you’re on the web or in e-mail. Find out more about Limitless here:

“I have great systems and apps that pull us together to be efficient,” Beth said. “In order to be effective I always ask technology can help with technology, but how?”

The hour long chat flew by and the viewers were left wanting more. Beth left us with one final go to app that she frequents in her spare time.

Can you guess what it is? It’s Flipboard!

“Whenever I have a few minutes I go to Flipboard and read the information that I’ve curated throughout the day,” she said.

Flipboard is an app that lets you create your own personal magazine that is tailored to your interests. Find out more about Flipboard here:

We did reach out to Molly (Beth’s assistant) to see if we could ask two more questions, even though our time was up. Beth was happy to answer and so we have some bonus apps for you to check out!

What 3-5 apps are absolute must haves for any leader?

TripIt — Leaders need to know where they’re going…. literally.

Flipboard — Leaders need to keep up on their industry news

Evernote — Leaders need to organize all their info for quick access

What apps does Beth recommend for productivity?

Pomodoro! Use this time management technique (you’ll find tons of different apps) to focus on one task at a time.

Want to stay in touch with Beth, your nerdy BFF? Engage with her on Twitter @NerdyBFF and visit her site!

What apps are you using to ensure you’re making the most of your time? We want to know. Tweet @assnchat using #assnchat to share your strategy!

Check out the full stream and conversation here:

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