How to Have Massive Creativity in Your Community

What pushes you and your business above others? Is it your talent, work ethic, determination? Maybe something else that’s an important skill to have for your career.

What pushes you above the rest when other employees and businesses have the same drive and skills as you? Creativity! The ability to think outside of the box, come up with brilliant ideas that have never been done before. That’s what gives you an edge! It’s not always easy to think creatively though. You need the right environment, the right team, and even then it’s easier for some more than others.

On Tuesday, January 31, at 2pm EDT we’ll have Kayla Hollatz, copywriter and brand strategist extraordinaire, with us on Association Chat! Kayla is all about unique and actionable content. Her creativity sets her apart and you’ll be sure to get some tips from her that you can put to good use straight away.

About Kayla:

Kayla Hollatz is a copywriter and brand strategist for creative entrepreneurs who want their words to connect and convert.

She’s also the founder of #createlounge, a Twitter chat collective turned full-blown community with a contributor blog, book club, and podcast that empowers professionals and business owners to embrace everyday creativity.

She can frequently be found fighting Minnesota winters with a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

For more out of the box tips & tricks you can follow Kayla on Twitter: @kayla_hollatz

You can visit the #createlounge website here:


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