Become an Association Chat Patron!

I have a very, very cool “first” to share with all of you.

I just posted my very first patron-only post to the first 15 people who have chosen to sign up via Patreon to support Association Chat and I feel so excited!

Just imagine how you might feel if after showing up weekly for a project you’ve been working on since 2009, and when you got brave enough to ask for the support you needed, you saw your stakeholders choose to invest?

I feel like the time spent in cultivating this unique community, scheduling and hosting so many interviews, editing, experimenting, and testing out new tech, …that all of this work has been validated because the community has chosen to invest in Association Chat (and me), too.

What is Patreon? It’s kind of like a subscription.

Become a Patron!

People can sign up to support Association Chat at different levels and receive different rewards for each level. For example, all patrons receive patron-only posts and newsletters and the patrons at a $10+ level receive an Association Chat t-shirt.

Interested in learning more about this? You can find out more about supporting Association Chat on Patreon.

I am thrilled. The community is choosing to invest in Association Chat in a more committed, official way. Association Chat doesn’t have to add noise – too many ads or sponsors might muddy the experience and the content.

I’d love to add you on as a patron (if you can swing it and find value in the Chat), but I’m always interested in having your support for the chat in any way I can – whether that means sharing the podcast with your network through a Facebook post or tweet or just mentioning it in a presentation.

Let me know what you think about this development.

It’s definitely playing on my vulnerability in asking others for help and essentially doing a trust fall, but 15 people chose to catch me and I’m feeling the fire burn even hotter for this great community.


More to come.

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