June 27, 2017


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Naked and Afraid (with Business Intelligence)

Naked and Afraid: Organize, don’t overexpose, your association for successful BI initiatives 

Some questions we’ll address:

•What are the common pitfalls?

•How do you transition from “historical” to “real time reporting” and how does this help an organization transition to BI?

•Where do I start?

•What tips do you have for being   successful?

•How to get organizational buy-in?

Meet our guests!

Rebecca E. Achurch, PgMP, PMP, CSM, CAE: Achurch Consulting

Twitter: @r_achurch

With over 20 years of experience, Rebecca has an in-depth knowledge of technology solutions, extensive program and project management experience and a passion for building long-term trusted teams. In all that she does, she strongly subscribes to the guiding tenets of the agile manifesto; “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” and “responding to change over following a plan” and believes that plans, processes, and tools must adapted to fit the individual, interactions, and organization.

Jim Gibson, The American Hospital Association

Twitter: @jim_gibsonOP

Jim is the Director of Business Integration Services for American Hospital Association and has been with the association for over twelve years.  Jim has over thirty years of business management experience and over twenty-five years’ experience in Technology, Project Management, Change Management, Consulting, and Business Operations.

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