January 10, 2017


Name KiKi L'Italien Category ASAE



Secrets of ASAE’s Gold Circle Awards

ASAE has created their Gold Circle Awards, which try to recognize creativity and innovation in the areas previously listed.

 The aim of these awards is to recognize the best of the best in marketing, membership and communications programs in the association world. Year after year they continue to meet that goal and show all associations just how exceptional the winner of these awards truly are! Don’t believe us? Take a look at them for yourself!

Excellence in these key areas is something Association Chat can get behind! That’s why on Tuesday, January 10th, at 2pm EDT we’ll be bringing you behind the scenes of ASAE’s Gold Circle Awards!

Our guests will consist of some wonderful people of the ASAE Gold Circle Awards committee , Paula Gonzalez, and past Gold Circle Award winner, Christopher Young!