Membership Recruitment & Engagement Strategies That Work – The Highlight Reel

If you didn’t tune in for Association Chat #assnchat Tuesday, you missed not one, but TWO amazing episodes! In our first episode we talked all things leadership with our wise old (not-so-old but he’s been doing this for over 35 years!) mentor JP Moery (@jpmoery), President of the Moery Company. Continue reading to find out who our second set of guests were.

Let’s catch up!

The Topic: Membership Recruitment & Engagement Strategies That Work

Check out the highlights of the chat below or listen in to the replay here:

Our weekly host, KiKi L’Italien, began the chat by cutting right to the good stuff. She asked JP, “If you were launching a membership growth campaign, what would be your first three steps?”

His response? “One: Focus time on data and list development regarding prospects. Two: Make it about the prospect. Three: Content-Marketing!”

This first question ignited a fire that only grew as the discussion continued. JP is very serious about making, “the association is about the members we represent and the problems that we solve for them!” Rather than joining an association and doing… well, nothing.

Benji commented, “Print is dead, but personalized handwritten notes are still gold.” We couldn’t agree more.

The discussion encouraged Carolyn to ask: “What strategy would you suggest for getting members to update contact information?

JP answered her question quickly and effectively by saying, “Set up a 12-month engagement program. Have them send you info & actively contact members.” While KiKi encouraged brands to, “collect pieces of information along the way to prevent them from feeling overloaded.”

His response led to Susan Cato (who tuned in before speaking during the second chat) commenting with her idea of giving, “them something in exchange – i.e., fill out this info and download/access the XXX.”

Just after this exchange we had a little four-legged friend named Gucci join us with a couple of barks, and then we were back on track.

JP was steadily blowing everyone’s mind during the chat with his super simple, but effective, ideal sponsorship program, “content leadership, facilitation of business meetings, and branding with social media!”

Social media is always a hot topic during #assnchat.

Viewers were encouraged by JP to, “scale one piece of content four or five times, and leverage it over and over again on your various platforms.”

KiKi also added, “Put out unique, fresh content that is helpful and catered to each platform specifically.”

Photo Submitted: Team Slice-Works via @sliceworks on Twitter.

The biggest takeaways from this chat:

  • “Make the association about the members we represent and the problems that we solve for them.” – JP Moery
  • Handwritten notes will never go out of style.
  • Create fresh and unique content that you can repurpose and tailor it to each specific platform.
  • Gucci’s interruption only meant one thing: He approved this chat.

We signed off with JP after an hour of intriguing discussion.

What was your favorite piece of leadership advice from JP? We want to know! Tweet @assnchat using #assnchat to share your thoughts.

Check out the first episode stream here:

After our chat with JP, we kept the virtual fire ignited by chatting with Joe Colangelo (@joecolangelo), CEO & Co-Founder, Bear Analytics, and Susan Cato (@susancato), Director, Digital Strategy and Member Services, American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB).

You can check out the second episode’s summary here:
How Data Powers Next Generation Membership – The Highlight Reel

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